MidnightControls Wiki

Welcome to the MidnightControls wiki.
This documentation aims to show you how to correctly configure the mod for your use case.

Explore MidnightControls’ features on this page: Get to know the features

Opening the settings

Configure everything about the mod in the settings screen. To open it, simply open the default Minecraft options screen, click on the Controls section, and click on the controller button.

A visual guide for finding the options screen

Visual guide for finding the options screen

Creating and using custom controller mappings

Orange controller names indicate a missing controller mapping.
Download GamepadTool, create and copy a mapping. Alternatively, you can use AntiMicroX to create the mappings, in case the Gamepad Tool is not working for you.

Screenshot of GamepadToolScreenshot of AntiMicroX

Screenshots of Gamepad Tool and AntiMicroX

Once you’ve obtained the mapping, go to MidnightControls’ Mappings File Editor and paste the string.

Mapping Editor Screenshot

MidnightControls’ mappings file editor

If that works, you might as well consider submitting the mapping by opening a PR in this GitHub repository: https://github.com/gabomdq/SDL_GameControllerDB
That will make sure other people using the same controller as you don’t have to manually create a mapping anymore.

Setting up splitscreen

You need to setup multiple different instances of Minecraft to be able to play in splitscreen.
Make sure your PC can actually handle that; if so, install a launcher that allows you to run multiple instances of Minecraft in parallel (I recommend Prism Launcher).
In there, create a profile for the first controller, and install MidnightControls.

Start the game and open the MidnightControls settings screen.
In General Options, turn on Virtual Mouse

Screenshot of Virtual Mouse Option

In Controller Options, activate Unfocused Input

Screenshot of Unfocused Input Option

Now, open a Minecraft world and press F3 + P to disable Minecraft pausing on lost focus.

Screenshot showing how to disable 'Pause on lost focus' in Minecraft

Info: Splitscreen support in one single instance wouldn’t be feasible without rewriting a significant portion of the Minecraft codebase.
Minecraft Java is made only with one single local player in mind, so this would simply be a pain to update and break many mods.
The only possibility for single-instance splitscreen is if Mojang decided to implement it themselves.