Play Minecraft whichever way you want!

MidnightControls allows the use of controllers, touchscreens and even eye trackers!
Minecraft Java was never more accessible.

Broad mod compatibility

Many Fabric and Quilt mods are compatible with MidnightControls right out of the box.
The mod also exposes an API, allowing developers to easily add controller support to complex mods.

Shown here is Automobility, go check it out!


Controller Support

Use your favorite controller to play your favorite game.
Many controllers are supported without any configuration!

Touchscreen Support

You only have a touchscreen? No problem! The only thing missing is multitouch support.

Eye Tracker Support

Eye Trackers are a great way for people with disabilities to still be able to enjoy this great game!


The MidnightLib-powered config is full of exciting features.
Use the advanced config screen for even more of them!

Split Screen

Invite your homies and loved ones for a local splitscreen Minecraft session! Consult the wiki for setup instructions.

Great Community

MidnightControls has an amazing community that is always willing to help with any trouble!

Start using MidnightControls right now!


You want even more?

We got you!

MidnightControlsExtra provides useful features that might trigger anticheats.
Front block placing, anyone?

Fast Block Placement

Place those pesky blocks almost as fast as Sonic would!

Front Block Placing

Place blocks in front of you without sneaking up to the edge of the block.
Many controllers are supported without any configuration!

Vertical Reacharound

Easily place something below the block you are standing on!

Download MidnightControlsExtra!